Nutrition is Not One Size Fits All

There is no one size fits all when it comes to nutrition!

IDLife is a line of InDividualized nutritional supplements. There are too many choices when you enter the store. What kind of vitamins and minerals should you be taking? What about energy supplements, sleep aids, or meal shakes? It is enough to make your head spin. Instead of making your choices based on flashy advertising and empty promises, choose a brand that is proven and trusted by doctors.


Each individual is different. It goes way beyond your body type. Consider your daily routine, your stress level, and your physical environment! IDLife takes all of these things into consideration when formulating your daily wellness supplements. When you are matched with your IDNutrition through your free assessment, IDLife doesn’t just list the ingredients they offer you an explanation. They explain each vitamin and mineral they chose for you and the benefit of that substance.

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  • Few people know what is in their vitamins
  • Highest-quality, clinically researched ingredients
  • Specifically designed to fit your nutritional thumbprint

energy_mixedberrystickEnergy Supplements

Do not chug down dangerous drinks that make you jittery, over-stimulated and leave you to crash! Get the boost of extra energy you need to get through the afternoon and reduce your stress.

ID Life Sleep StripsSleep Strips

IDLife has formulated a tri-phasic approach designed to support each phase of the sleep cycle. This system supports a restful nights sleep and allows you to awake rejuvenated and refreshed without any lingering grogginess.

  • Restful, restorative, deep sleep
  • Mint-flavored and melts in your mouth
  • Nutrients support three stages of the sleep cycle
  • No lingering drowsiness

Meal Replacement Shakes

Are you trying to lose weight, tone up, or just feel healthier? These meal replacement shakes could be your best-tasting, most nutritious and least expensive meal of the day. We also want to mention that these shakes are non-GMO, free of artificial hormones, lactose, casein, gluten, soy, and MSG.IDLife Meal Replacement Shake


maximum nutrients | minimum calories | fiber | omega fatty acids | calcium | antioxidants | amino acids | proteins


blood & joint health | mental health | anti-aging | weight loss | muscle strength | endurance | recovery


immune health | energy levels | joint & muscle health | beneficial colon bacteria | optimal metabolic rate & fat burning level

appetite_chewsAppetite Chews

Healthy and delicious chocolate appetite chews are a 15-calorie answer to the rumble in your tummy. Sometimes you are hungry and you cannot help it! The biggest challenge to improving your health can be the constant hunger you face when trying to diet. Fill the gaps between meals, control your cravings, dull your appetite and manage your weight!
Each chew contains the patented Advantra Z® Citrus Aurantium, which has been clinically proven to:

  • Boost Metabolism
  • Improve Athletic Performance
  • Increase Muscle Mass
  • Promote Thermogenesis
  • Suppress Appetite
  • Increase Energy
  • Improve Mental Clarity
Find the nutritional mix that fits you and stop settling for one size fits all!
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