30 Years in Chiropractic & Counting

As he celebrates 30 years in Chiropractic, Dr. Andrew Galioto reflects on a career that was a lifetime in the making. As a high school wrestler, young Andrew was experiencing severe migraines. After weeks of pain where he could not open his eyes, he searched for some relief. It was this experience that led Dr….


As we round the corner on 2021, we want to suggest spreading some relaxation this holiday season. It’s easy to get caught up in daily life and forget about self-care; sometimes, you need a reminder. Give the ones you love a comforting gift to help them get cozy with Dr. Galioto’s Comfort & Joy Gift…

Massage Gift Certificates

After the year we’ve had, who couldn’t use a massage? If you’re shopping for your loved ones this holiday, consider giving them a gift card for a massage. It’s a one-size fits all gift that you can send in the mail for the cost of a postage stamp.


If you have someone on your holiday gift list who is suffering from pain or discomfort, Magnmoothium may be able to help them find relief. This all-natural topical magnesium cream is infused with CBD hemp oil.

Chiroflow Water-Based Pillow

At Galioto Chiropractic we carry Chiroflow Water-based Pillows. These pillows make a great holiday gift because many people neglect their sleep health. Help your loved ones rest easy this year with a pillow that has the ability to reduce neck pain and improve sleep.


Do you know someone who is suffering from aches and pains? STOPAIN is a cool, soothing gift that can help your loved ones get through the season. So often cold weather exasperates muscle pain or tension, STOPAIN can help relieve some of that seasonal pain. With so much going on around us, help people on your list take control of their wellness, with gifts that nurture their health.

Personal Trainer Space Available

Personal training space is not easy to come by, but we have a great opportunity for you. Galioto Chiropractic Clinic in Castle Shannon has space for rent inside our office. The space is 18’ x 16’ and already includes various gym equipment. Personal trainer equipment: Body weight exercise station Concept 2 rower Dumbells Treadmill This…

20 Years on Willow Avenue

September 4th, 2021, marks the 20th anniversary of Galioto Chiropractic Clinic on Willow Avenue in Castle Shannon; we truly enjoy it here. 

Home School Ergonomics

As our world has changed in 2020, many children and teens are learning from home. Not many people were prepared to make the transition, they never thought their children would be home-schooled. The change was abrupt and we have all been “making it work.” Rather than stress over things you can’t control, help your children focus on things they can control — their workspace.


After a long, stressful year we could all use a chance to unwind. I am sure you can think of more than one person on your list who deserves a chance to relax. With health and wellness on everyone’s mind, Dr. Galioto put together a gift guide to help you treat your loved ones this holiday.