Patient Testimonials

“Dr. Galiato is wonderful! He truly cares about his patients and spends time with us to see where we are “hurting.” He is extremely professional, explains things clearly, and makes sure that his patients understand his recommendations.”
– Sara

“Someone that cares and takes time to get it 100% right!”

– Milo

“Easy breezy atmosphere . Massages are wonderful. Dr. Galioto is a great guy!”

– Angela

“Excellent, have been going to Dr G for over 10 years!”
– MJ

“Dr. Galioto has helped me personally by eliminating my headache by adjusting my neck and back. They were very easy to talk with and they were easy to get an appointment with as well. I would highly recommend this Chiropractor!”
– Jeff

“I’ve been going to Dr. Galioto’s office for years and they are all so wonderful. If you’re feeling sore and need a massage. I will tell you Trudy is the very, very best massage therapist I have ever known. My daughter and I love her. When you get off the table from getting a massage you feel like butter. Thank you guys for getting me through a lot of pain and even listening to my personal problems. You go above and beyond just being my chiropractor and massage therapist.”


“After being at home dealing with the kids and juggling school, the tension gets you in the neck and shoulders. After the adjustments you feel like a brand new person.”

– Jed

“He is someone you can trust and a good friend, and really good at cracking backs, he is very nice and caring and has a great and wonderful soul and heart.”

– Ashley

“He is very good and gentle – not a lot snap and crackle.”

– Sharon

“I was in the hospital for 7 days because of my MS; when I was released I could barely walk. I was in so much pain that I could not turn my head. I saw Dr. G. everyday for 2 weeks. After the first visit, if I had a million dollars I would have given it to him.”

– Connie

Dr. G. I want to thank you again for the Isogenix program it has been so beneficial. Emotionally and physically I feel great. The Isogenix has given me the motivation to keep wording hard to stay in shape. Additionally thanks for being the greatest Chiropractor in the world. Knowing you as well as being treated by you and Trudy has been valuable to me. I feel so much better, there is no substitute for a healthy attitude. Thanks again…”

– Courtney

“I have been coming to Dr. G. for over 15 years. I worked at Giant Eagle and got hurt on the job many times and Dr. Galioto always helped. I now come to Dr. Galioto for monthly visits and even bring in my grandson and good friend who both love him. Dr. Galioto did everything but make me taller

– Millie

“When I first came to Dr. Andy last year I was in severe pain. My back hurt sitting, standing, or lying down. After being treated there was 100% improvement. Now I see him regularly to keep my back aligned, also Andy and Ally are very personable people and make you feel comfortable. I would recommend him to anyone having back pain.”

– Al

“When I first met Dr. Andrew Galioto, in 2007, I needed help getting into the office. He came highly recommended by a patient I knew I could trust. Trust was a major issue for me after experiencing other chiropractors trying to prescribe expensive special shoes or a hanging stretch bar. In that first visit Dr. Galioto diagnosed my problem thoroughly explained how I got to that point and then started treatment. My office visits lessened over time to the current once a month maintenance visit. Dr. Galioto’s knowledge, experience, and common sense care affects my life each visit. He has recommended proper exercises and correct ways to sit and stand plus the best chair to sit in for my chronic condition. I never feel rust and my questions always get answered. Dr. Galioto and assistant Ally, create a wonderful place to take your pain away. Always thank you.”

– Janet

“I began seeing Dr. Galioto for problems with my neck. During the course of treatment, I very casually mentioned that I also suffered from severe sinus congestion due to allergies. After treating my neck and back with the ProAdjuster, Dr. Galioto treated my sinuses. It was and has been wonderful benefit to my general well being. Instead of constantly having blocked sinuses with sometimes severe headaches, my sinuses drain. I know that the thought of a runny nose might not sound like a benefit to some, but anyone who suffers with sinus problems knows that if your nose is running, your head does not hold all that in, causing face pain and headaches. I am so grateful for this unanticipated relief.”

– Dolly

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