After a long, stressful year we could all use a chance to unwind. I am sure you can think of more than one person on your list who deserves a chance to relax. With health and wellness on everyone’s mind, Dr. Galioto put together a gift guide to help you treat your loved ones this holiday. Each of these items are hand-selected to help improve quality of life. If you see something you like for yourself, treat yourself! We want our patients and community to remain healthy throughout these trying times. 

Massage Gift Certificates

Do you know someone who just needs to take some time for themselves? We all have that person in our lives who spends so much time taking care of others, and constantly putting themselves last. You can give them 30-minutes of mandatory relaxation by gifting them a massage this holiday. Our experienced massage therapists are revered by our patients. It doesn’t matter if you know someone who is suffering from pain specifically or someone who could just use some time to relax, everyone can enjoy a massage. READ MORE

Chiroflow Water-based Pillows

We all know someone who suffers from sleep loss. Why not give them an unconventional gift? A better night’s sleep (with a Chiroflow Water-based Pillow). Chiroflow pillows have been proven to reduce neck pain, improve sleep and come with a host of other benefits. You can’t go wrong with Chiroflow Water-based Pillows because you’re not only giving your loved ones a better night’s sleep, but good mornings and better days. READ MORE


Do you know someone who is suffering from aches and pains? STOPAIN is a cool, soothing gift that can help your loved ones get through the season. So often cold weather exasperates muscle pain or tension, STOPAIN can help relieve some of that seasonal pain. With so much going on around us, help people on your list take control of their wellness, with gifts that nurture their health. Make winter the most wonderful time of the year for everyone on your list. READ MORE


If you have someone on your gift list who suffers from pain or discomfort, consider Magsoothium. This all-natural topical magnesium cream is infused with CBD hemp oil. This cream has been proven to reduce aches, pains and inflammation while restoring skin – it even has anti-aging properties. Magsoothium products are made in the U.S of all-natural ingredients. Give your friends and family some relief from their aches and pains this season. After a long year, they deserve it. READ MORE

What’s the best part of all these gifts? They’re one size fits all, so you can shop for everyone on your list. Share some much needed comfort and joy this holiday season with wellness items from Dr. Galioto’s gift guide.

If you’re interested in sharing these gifts with your loved ones, you can pick them up during your next visit or call the office