Chiroflow Water-Based Pillow

At Galioto Chiropractic Clinic, we carry the Chiroflow Water-Based Pillow. These pillows make a great holiday gift because many people neglect their sleep health. Help your loved ones rest easy this year with a pillow that has the ability to reduce their neck pain and improve sleep.

Chiroflow Water-Based Pillows are the #1 recommended pillow in Chiropractic

Chiroflow Water-Based Pillows have been ranked among the best of all pillows tested in a clinical study at Johns Hopkins University.

You can help the ones you care about get the restful night sleep they deserve with a high-quality pillow that is clinically proved. We carry Chiropflow pillows in our office because we believe in their value, consider the importance of giving someone a better night’s sleep.

additional benefits of gifting a Chiroflow pillow include:
  • 3-year warranty against defects
  • Fully-adjustable firmness
  • Jumbo size 20’x 28’ – fits standard and queen pillowcase
  • Water-base responds to head movement, so there is no need to fluff or re-stuff

Give a Chiroflow pillow to someone you know that is experiencing sleeplessness, neck pain, back pain, or just in need of a new pillow. It will not disappoint!

Consider this; you can give a gift that someone will use once or something they can use night after night. When they wake up each day feeling restored, they’ll have you to thank. Provide comfort and support this holiday with a Chiroflow Water-based Pillow from Galioto Chiropractic.

Ask about our Chiroflow Water-based Pillows at your next visit, or call the office to learn more