After a long, stressful year we could all use a chance to unwind. I am sure you can think of more than one person on your list who deserves a chance to relax. With health and wellness on everyone’s mind, Dr. Galioto put together a gift guide to help you treat your loved ones this holiday.

Massage Gift Certificates

After the year we’ve had, who couldn’t use a massage? If you’re shopping for your loved ones this holiday, consider giving them a gift card for a massage. It’s a one-size fits all gift that you can send in the mail for the cost of a postage stamp.


If you have someone on your holiday gift list who is suffering from pain or discomfort, Magnmoothium may be able to help them find relief. This all-natural topical magnesium cream is infused with CBD hemp oil.

Home Office Ergonomics

The work atmosphere for many has changed over the last few months, many who spend their days working in an office are now working from home. This means that the highly dialed-in ergonomic environment we’ve have created at work to improve comfort and posture is out of reach. Meanwhile, we’re draped over the arm of…

What role does chiropractic play in athletic training?

Many athletes use chiropractic in conjunction with their athletic training. It can help the healing process after an injury and prevent future injuries. Professional athletes rely on chiropractic treatment to get an edge up on the competition. When you are competing at a high level, every slight advantage counts. Below we briefly explain benefits athletes…

Back to School Backpack Tips

Back to school can mean getting back to back pain for many students. Carrying a heavy load to and from school every day can be a big burden. You hate to see your kids struggle, but aside from asking their teacher to give them less homework what can you do? Parents do not need to feel helpless when…

Managing Pain During the Winter

Do you experience pain? On a regular basis, many of us suffer from chronic medical conditions or ailments that cause us pain. Did you know: Arthritis is the most common chronic medical condition in the U.S. Just a few of those pain-causing conditions are: Arthritis Rheumatoid Arthritis Joint Pain Back Injury Fibromyalgia Headaches, Migraines In…