30 Years in Chiropractic & Counting

As he celebrates 30 years in Chiropractic, Dr. Andrew Galioto reflects on a career that was a lifetime in the making.

As a high school wrestler, young Andrew was experiencing severe migraines. After weeks of pain where he could not open his eyes, he searched for some relief. It was this experience that led Dr. Galioto to his first chiropractic adjustment.

“My first adjustment put me on the path to the work I do today! And my headaches were gone!”

– Dr. Galioto

As an athlete who had a passion for wellness, Dr. Galioto knew he wanted to pursue chiropractic. So he took a leap of faith; he left college early and traveled far away from home to attend Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa. This move still marks one of the most challenging moments of his career.

On February 21, 1992, his hard work paid off, and Dr. Galioto received his Doctor of Chiropractic degree!

After receiving his degree, he moved back to the Pittsburgh area to serve the community where he had grown up. 

Dr. Galioto bought his first home in Castle Shannon 25 years ago and decided to establish his current practice in the neighborhood. He has taken great joy in serving the community, where his favorite part of the job is “seeing patients and generations of families.” He spends his day’s building relationships with the people of Castle Shannon, and Dr. Galioto is proud to be a part of the neighborhood. When asked what his favorite thing was about Castle Shannon, he replied, “I love seeing family names I recognize on local military hero banners they put up each year!”

After 30 years on the job, Dr. Galioto still finds each day fulfilling and purposeful.

“I think I would still be here if I hit the lottery, and I have no intention of retiring.” 

– Dr. Galioto

Visiting Galioto Chiropractic Clinic, it is no mystery what keeps things moving; the office is full of positivity. From the cheerful music that always seems to greet you when you walk through the door to the passion that Dr. Galioto brings to treating every patient.

After 30 years of business, Dr. Galioto has established himself as more than just a chiropractor in Castle Shannon, but he is genuinely a part of the South Hills community. And while there is so much to celebrate over the last 30 years, he keeps looking toward the future.

A few questions with Dr. Galioto:

Who was your biggest inspiration?
Dr. Richard Toner, Munhall, PA

What have you learned after college that has surprised you the most?
Running your own business can be hard sometimes! I just want to be a chiropractor!

Favorite hobbies outside of work?
Cycling, kayaking, fishing, skiing, hunting, hiking, snowshoeing, etc. I will take up any hobby that will keep me outside.

What is your favorite playlist/song/genre of music to play while you work?
Pandora music plays all day. Channels include 70’s pop, lite rock, country, Streisand, Aretha Franklin, Glen Campell, Johnny Mathis, and we play requests. For example, we had an Italian patient in her 90’s, and we would blast her favorite Mario Lanza, an Italian singer and actor. She would tear up!

In honor of Dr. Galioto’s 30th Anniversary, Galioto Chiropractic will be celebrating the entire month of February! We will be hosting a series of contests and raffles to give back to our patients. Aside from fun facts and graphics on social media, we will be sharing a 30th Anniversary Playlist from Dr. Galioto.


Each patient who visits the office in February will be entered in a raffle to win a gift basket from Galioto Chiropractic. 


We will also be hosting a referral contest; you will receive a different tier of prizes depending on the number of referrals you make throughout the month.

  • 1 referrals = 1 bottle of STOPAIN
  • 2 referrals = 1 jar of Magsoothium
  • 3 referrals = 1 Chiroflow water-based pillow
  • 4 referrals = a 30-minute massage

Come into the office in February to help up celebrate Dr. Galioto’s 30th Anniversary!
Call today if you’d like to schedule an adjustment.

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