Fitness in the Real World Part 1: Make Time for Healthy Habits

Fitness in the Real World

What is your excuse for not exercising?

Making a commitment to stay fit can be overwhelming. Making excuses is the easy way out. Fitness in the real world needs to be realistic. Our biggest advice for maintaining a healthy routine is planning ahead.


Deliberately plan your day ahead of time, you will be surprised how simple it is to fit fitness into your day. Find something that is convenient for you and most of all, fun! It is easy to make excuses, rise to the challenge and find your reason to get fit for real.

This three-part series will walk you through some tips for living healthy and fit in the real world.

PART I: Find Time for Healthy Habits

 “I don’t have time.”– Workout in 30 Minutes or Less!

Fitness in the Real WorldEveryone loves to say that they are too busy, but realistically everyone has the same amount of hours in a day. You just need to fit in fitness here and there. There areplenty of things you can do with 30 minutes or less that range from leisurely exercise to intense boot camp style workouts. It doesn’t take too long to break a sweat!

That is just to name a few things you can schedule into your day. Take five minutes; take thirty, whatever you can spare in order to stay fit.


Fitness in the Real World Part 2